Ripping a dvd proving impossible



Hi all.

I own one dvd that I simply cannot rip onto hd so I can burn it.
The dvd is called “Simon says”
I have a adm athlon dual core processor 1.9ghz with a liteon 16 x burner.
The dvd has no scratches.

I’ve tried dvd fab decrypter - as soon as its finished analysing the disc, the screen goes all multicoloured and I am forced to turn the pc off, I cant really explain it but when this happens, all you see is grey background with thousands of tiny multicoloured spots.

I’ve tried dvd shrink - pauses at 20 percent analysis and pc freezes, forced to reboot.

I’ve tried dvd decrypter - gets to 5% decrypt and it pauses.

I dont know which other programs to try? I always thought dvd fab decrypter was the most updated to handle copy right problems, but is this something else entirely?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Did you try AnyDVD? It is also very updated (even if, too bad) not free


Hi pearce

From what I read from your post I would say your problem is with your system and not the Simon says disc or the programs you have tried.