Ripping @ 2x speeds on 3500AG

i have flashed to 2.18 firmware. i used LD_V1.4_FAST which is supposed to get rid of riplock.

it doesn’t seem to work, i still can’t rip at over 2.0x

either that or i am doing something really wrong.


so. does anyone know?

Enable DMA , check the FAQ.

DMA is enabled. thanks anyway.

Maybe the IDE drivers are causing trouble…

I have LD V1.4 firmware installed on my NEC 3500 and it does not rip any fast then 6x. I rip the same cd in my Liteon 163 DVD-Rom and its 12x in no time. I tried it again in my NEC 2500 and it has herries 1.07 in it and it only hits about 6x also I tried it in my Liteon 1633 and it only hits about 6x. The only device that comes close to reading at 16x is the plain old DVD-Rom. Now I remember why I keep the DVD-Rom in the machine, because none of the DVD burners rip very fast. I have another question I have read in here some where about using a 80 wire cable. I guess these are the newer cables and maybe this is the problem. Can someone let us know if this maybe the problem.


Constant 2X max rip speed is a sure sign of a DMA problem/IDE channel problem
The NEC 3500A rips at 5X CAV for all DL discs, with a starting & ending speed of ~2X.
What type of disc are you trying to rip??

I gues I’m ok then on the speeds for the 3500 since thats about what I get up to 5 or 6x, but my plain DVD-Rom with the same disc hits 12x with DVD Decrytper.

No problems ripping here with the 3500. Using a non encrypted disk it starts out ~5/5.5x and goes all the way up to ~15.xx X .

This is with the latest LD_V1.4 firmware.

Is your HD and dvdrom on the same cable?

If so, that could be an issue. You really want the dvd drive to be on its own channel and/or controller.

I am experiencing the same symptom with no sign of problem with IDE Controller or DMA, I am getting no more that 3X ripping rate on D/L DVD Video disc. I have thought that removing RipLock from stock firmware has any drastic effect on increasing rip rate.

The issue of slow rate in ripping is not with non-encrypted disc is with encrypted that what majority people use their drive to rip the movie or game with encrypted disc.

Agreed. Let me get a pressed disk and see what I get.

I’ll update in a little bit…

Ok, here’s a screen cap from cd speed. I got exact same speeds when using dvd decrpytor to rip this disk… The disk used was

Firmware: DEE-27’s 1.4 release
Total capacity: 8,314,058,752 bytes

Looks like it starts out right around 2x, and gets up to ~4.6X (according to dvd dec).

I tested my Mad Dog @ Nec 3500 with this firmware LD_V1.4 and here are the results. It did manage to just make it to about 7.02x on the speed. But did it drop off in the middle. Is this normal?

Tested same DVD in another burner and transfer is faster but drops off in the middle again, must be the DVD.

transfer rate on MI2 with NEC 2500 107v2b4 riplock removed and liteon 1633s (ripping/scanning only! sucks at burning) omnipatched to 12x ripping:

Hopefully a clear illustration of RIPLOCK removed is here

i’m having the same problem, this is really weird, we understand riplock and such, but the problem is not the riplock as we have flashed our drive with the so call “unlock riplock”.

hi, i was trying to rip a DL encrypted. i didn’t know it was supposed to be so slow.

are there any drives that can read DL encrypted DVDs at higher speeds? (ROM drives)
how does the benQ DVD-RW do at this? i am thinking of replacing my NEC with it