Ripping 2 movies from 1 DVD disc to 2 discs

I have a DVD (7.3 gb) that contains 2 movies in it. I would like to burn them into 2 seperate standards discs (4.3 GB). I usually use DVD Shrink + Nero 7.0 but have recently been using RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS and DVD Shrink.

What do I need to do in order to burn these 2 movies into 2 seperate discs. WHat are the files I need to choose while burning them? At what stage would I be selecting the files I want for each individual movie?

Not sure I ever seen a dvd with 2 movies on it. Is this a disk that you purchased?

This is not an english movie. Yes this is mine

If you rip this disc with DVD Shrink in your hard drive during backup session of DVD Shrink, you will see two part “Main Movie 1” and “Main Movie 2”.

Then you can backup main movie 1 in one directory in your hard disc and the second in different in your hard drive which you can burn then in separate disc.