Ripping 1640´s velocity

Iwas testing my brother´s 1640 and when I rip an original dvd of my own I can see than 1640 is too slow, but not with dvd-r or dvd+r.Is it normal?
1650 does the same? I´m going to get one. Thank you very much.

1640 reads dvd-video SL @16x and DL @12x - patched with mcse even faster!
1650 does the same.

thanks Shadow200

There are some originals that BenQ will rip it slow. I can’t remember the titles but it will only ripped around 4x.

I have run into this a few times with my 1640s as well.
I have an older TDK external burner that won’t read at max unless you keep the tray button depressed for a few seconds while closing the tray. This is a built in speed control for noise reduction during playback. It occasionally exhibits the same trait, of not reaching full speed with some titles.
Is this a form of ripguard, or something else written to the disk causing this? :confused:

I’ve seen several factory pressed movie DVD’s that
create a kind of rattle sound, as if the disc is out of
balance. These discs will copy, but very slow.
I figured it was some sort of obstacle to copying.
Moving the disc between my 1640 and 1620 makes
no difference.

i observed some original DVDs (eg. SG-1 S1 – i think) and some of my yuden-T02 were ripped very “comfortably” at around 4x on my 1640 while my LiteOn SOHC-5232K went up to 7x. so i guess there’s more to that…