Rippin scarface

i have the dvd scarface and i’m trying to convert to divx.

now the problem is it only has 1 set of vob files where the bonus and movie are all under the same name.

VTS_01_2.VOB etc

so what happens is…the last part of the movie, the credits, and part of the making is all on one vob file.

Now all i want to do is rip the movie, not the extras or anything.

i’m using dvd2avi, and gordian knot.

then you shouldn’t have ripped all the data: if u still have the disc, it would be better to rip it again selecting only the movie (obviously the longest stream :wink: ).
great movie anyway, even if it doesn’t tell the truth about italian guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Use SmartRipper to rip the Movie only out of the VOBs. Do NOT use Files button, always the Movie button. That way you get the movie only and none of the other unwanted stuff.

you can rip from files that are already ripped? … i didn’t know that…

cico85, if the whole DVD has been ripped to HD, then Smartripper can further rip it down to what ever your after (movie only), no probs there.

If just the main VOB files have been ripped to HD, then VOBrator is handy to rip out unwanted stuff.

thanks guys:)

how exactly do i rerip the vobs in smartripper?

nvm…got it lol