Rippiing with AnyDVD



I have to throw away half of my DL DVDs When I rip with AnyDVD! Why?

This is what I do: I rip the entire original DVD to the hard drive. Then I burn the blank DL DVD with CopyToDVD. The first time I tried, the copy was perfect, when I tried to make a second copy, the process was aborted at the end with a message like “Error reading…”

I didn’t change anything after the first copy, just placed a new blank DL DVD in the drive and tried to copy the same files from the hard drive.

Last night I ripped another original DVD. This part of the process went fine but when I burned the blank DVD (also 9 GB), I got the error message and the DVD went to the garbage again.

I am using Verbatim, I think these are made in Japan.


The problem is, your not transcoding the dvd. Anydvd copies the entire dvd to your hard disk, but doesnt resize it to fit on your target media. What you have to do is get a program like dvdshrink, which will automatically resize the video to fit the media you want to use. Pressed disks can hold alot more data than dvd-r’s can, and this is why you have to transcode


i’ve always thought that movies nowadays are on DL disc’s and you were able to copy everything over [I]without[/I] shrinking (copy protection excluded) to another DL. :confused:

Marcial, what size is the movie your trying to copy?

The verbatim DL disc’s your using are good media, keep on using them :smiley:

Try using DVDDecrypter in ISO READ/WRITE method


DL (dual layer) DVDs have 9 GB, plenty of space for 99% of the movies. The original has 7.7 GB, so it fits perfectly well. This is a different problem. Again, the first try was perfect, the copy is excellent. The second time, reading the very same files, the process failed.


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as said above try reading and writing with dvddecrypter


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Maybe we are dealing with a layer-break issue. Don’t know about DVD Decrypter but ImgBurn handles this quite well.
Rip (read) ISO mode, burn ISO (if it fits on disc without shrinking).

DL (dual layer) DVDs have 9 GB, plenty of space for 99% of the movies. The original has 7.7 GB, so it fits perfectly well. This is a different problem…
BTW, attaching the discinfo for Verbatim MKM-001, while we are talking about DL disc size…


hi pinto,

in Imgburn can you rip (read with dvdd) as all i can see is write, i’m maybe missing the big picture here, if you can a screenshot would be nice :flower:


dl verbs that are made in japan? never run into these. what is the ID code.

also, is copy to dvd handling the layer break correctly? this is the first i’ve seen of using copytodvd for DL burning so I’m nost sure how well it does. anydvd’s ripping methos retains the layer break in file-mode. have you tried burning with clonedvd2? the latest version ( has updated DL capabilities.

also, marcial, a DL disc does NOT hold 9GB. I have no idea where you heard that but it’s entirely false. they store less than 8GB as a matter of fact. way off…


That is not true, DL discs hold 8.5GB.


no they don’t.

the labels say 8.5GB because they actually hold 8547993600 bytes.

remember that there are 1024 bytes in a kb, 1024 kb in an mb, and so and on so forth.

once the math is done out the actual capacity of a dual layer disc is 7.96 GB


Not that it really matters to the topic, but it looks like this needs a closer attention.

[I]reasonsnotrules[/I] is right (as always :flower: ) and if you take your time and check out the pic I posted above you’ll also know why. Hint 2^x.

“8.5GB” is just a labeling/marketing thing and has nothing to do with the real DL disc size. Let’s hope we can go on now…

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You will find the denomination “9” everywhere. They hold 8.5 GB, so they say, but in most places they call it “9”. For instance, if you use CopyToDVD, when you choose the size of the blank disk, the two choices you can click on are “DVD 5” and “DVD 9”.


no, pinto and i just explained it. the labels say 8.5 but they hold just under 8gb. see my explanation above.


if you mean they are referred to as dvd-9 in name only, that’s correct, but this does not mean that dual layer discs have ever, or can ever hold anywhere NEAR 9GB worth of data.


7.96 GB? Ok, the movie I ripped had 7.7 GB. The first copy was perfect, the second failed, then I went for a third one and it was good too.


Ok, guys, this is the help I need from you. What’s the best software or way to rip a movie to the hard drive, and then to transfer it to the blank disk? It could be two different softwares for each part of the process. That’s what I did, but it failed 50% of the times.


have you tried clonecd with anydvd in the background for 1:1 DL backups? This way preserves the original layer break and reduces errors.


No, I don’t have Clone CD. I’ll have to buy it first.


you can use the trial! see if you like it.

as far as burning DL discs 1:1 i use anydvd in the background and rip with dvd decrypter in ISO>READ mode. then i load up the resulting .MDS file into ImgBurn and burn with that. this retains all layer break informaton and both programs are freeware.