Rippers rendered powerless over Cd drives?

I just posted the article Rippers rendered powerless over Cd drives?.

This is not new news; it’s just more news. I am an avid reader of Stereophile magazine. In the first few pages if this June’s issue they discuss the Charley Pride audio Cd Copy Protection. At the end…

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:wink: It’s just not possible to create an effective copy protection with all the different CD-Burning tools available today. :4 MP3 creation of a copy protected CD is always possible as the article clearly states, if it can’t be done this way it’ll be done the other way. Just wait and see what they come-up with next. :d

I guess it’s just one big media hype. Just like in the Netherlands with the CD from ‘Herman Brood!’. They also said this new CD was so protected you couldn’t make a copy of it. Well u can guess what happened. All the media wrote about this new CD, great the answer to illegal copies. But after the CD had hit the streets they showed a 10 year old boy on TV copying the CD from it’s home computer… gone protection. However you have to divide the CD copy process. It can be done: A) IN your STEREO hifi set, with a component from eg phillips. It’s a direct audio CD copieer. This component is not SD2 compatible, and can’t write illegal TOC’s :wink: So no copy can be made. B)Using your compueter. This way everything can be copieed so far… Only most media writers are not a member of CD Freaks, so they don’t know shit about copying. :7

This does sound like the protection they are using is an illegal TOC… If the info on the CD says the track is 400MB than trying to rip it into MP3 would be difficult… Of course copying it would be easy with the right software, but what about ripping the track?

Hi! I have many music cd that claims the one track is 30min but those are easy copy just continue copying! I don’t know is this same protection but it is so weak!

Very simple solution too this use something like Nero etc. to rip the tracks, when you get to the bad track rip it @ x1. (Example) The song length might list as being 6 mins in total, but is infact only 4:37mins :8 Again using Nero you can edit the track, set the start marker and the end marker being 4:37, and you will produce a perfect track, save, then burn the album back 2 a cd and make as many legal backups as you want. WHAT CAN BE DONE, CAN BE UNDONE. :7 I know this as we have encountered it, and sorted it. Usually on a CD it is the last 1/2 tracks that are affected. :wink:

Why are we even discussing this??? The article said it all:

vice president Jay Samit told Charles C. Mann of in early April "If CDs were as hard to copy as DVDs or VHS tapes or even books, we would not be going through anything like what we’re going through now with Napster or Gnutella."
Am I the only one here with a huge collection of DivX DVDrip’s?? Let them make their disks as hard to copy as DVD’s. How is easyDivx doing these days? :slight_smile: Was it a whole 5 lines of code it took to rip a DVD Using perl?? This can all be overcome in different ways. If they make an illegal TOC then I’m sure there are ways to just read the disk byte by byte and not even bother with the TOC. That’s a guess but even if it didn’t work there are other ways around it. They suck, they waste so much cash on shit that dont work. I wonder if they get a 28 day money back gaurantee on their security products :slight_smile: