Ripper movie from dvd, high quality but no raise up movie gigs



Hi, my nicknames carlosrego, living in beauty country in south west asia-capital city of Indonesia-but have no adequate acknowledge about movie ripper from DVD, I’m in engineering, piping-but really interested with movie and collect them in my private box. actually, I’ve checked some movies properties (already convert to xvid or some compressed method from dvd or blu ray-got from some friends that download them from net). the movies are in little gigs, i.e origin capacity is 8 gigs compressed to only 800 megs, the video and sound bitrate only 12 bit and 112 bit, got high quality screen when i watched it in my pc. So, I try with IMTOO DVD ripper, but the result shown that high quality needed high gigs. IMTOO has automatically setting in it bitrate calc, could no manually setting -maybe like ulead or equal. So, maybe, in this forum, that anyone could help me to ripper with right way -like some movies download from net-cause i wanna rip some of my private collection -not to resale, keep in my private collection- and sometimes watch in my pc.
Thank You for Your kindness attention.




You’ll need a decryption program in order to rip from the disk to the hard drive. The two best for this are DVDFab and AnyDVD. DVDFab has a free section within it called DVDFab HD Decrypter, which will continue to work as a ripping program even after the trial for the main part of the program ends. The only problem is that it will lag behind the paid version by a month or so regarding new protection schemes.

Once you have it on the hard drive, you can convert to xvid with any number of different programs. Many of the best ones are free. Take a look at AutoGK, FairUse Wizard, AviDemux, and Xvid4PSP.

If your hardware is capable of playing H264 codec without problems, you can also convert to mpeg4 or .mkv files. I would advise using a free program called Handbrake for this process, though it can also be done in AviDemux and several other programs.


Hi Kerry56,
Thanks for your advice. I’ll try the dvdfab shareware for first time, but, I still confused, that the movie file -in vob- separately each other and the movie subtitle are miss, how to merge them into one file and keep the subtitle 9fix the subtitle with movie scene)?
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If you rip the entire disk to the hard drive, it will include the subtitles. The movie will still be in dvd-video format at that point. You will see a Video_TS folder which contains .vob, .ifo and .bup files.

If you want the subtitles in a separate file, you can then use SubRip to extract them.

When you convert to xvid avi or H264 .mkv files, you have to include the subtitles as part of that process. Look through some guides to AutoGK (like this one: ). There are many guides to these conversion programs over at