Ripper and codec



which ones do you use and where can they be taken from.
I tried to make a audio cd with winoncd3.7 but just could not figure it out. I dl all these .mp3 today I want to make my first audio cd.

Any Advise

what I have is
clonecd 2.3
cdrwin 3.8
nero 4.9
fferiuo 1.32


Yeah it’s me again. I also replied to your
other posting. Use Nero…

Mail me at if you have
any problems with it.


Tha Sentinel


I used cdrwin3.8a because I figured out it wsa just a couple clicks and It actually came out very good.


If its possible to take .mp3 and burn them to audio cd with our everyday burning software than why is you hear alot about encoders.

Are they just to make the music sound better.


use nero, it’s simple drap and drop to make an audio cd from your mp3s. i hope they’re legal mp3s