Ripped spiderman with dvd2svcd but 2nd file wont burn with nero? to large?

it made the second file too large. nero says there is not enough room on my 700mb cdr.

the first file it burned was also to large, and it does this with many dvd’s i’ve ripped with it. but they always burn fine. I know I have gotten past this before, but I did not use his probram for quite a long time. How to i have nero burn this file, even though it thinks it is to large?

In Nero select overburning.
File -> Preferences -> expert features -> Enable Overburn DAO
Read the comment below it! (but don’t be scared!) :wink:

I currently have it set to 100 minutes but it is still giving me this error?

i now set the number to 120 and am going to try it again

it got to 99% then 100% but at the end it said write error :frowning:

and i even clicked to use overburn when it warned me about it.

are there any other ways? shoot I know i’ve had this problem before the first cd was 2 large.

the first bin file was 825,169 KB
the second bin file is 856,576 KB

the first file worked just fine no warnings of over burn or anything, but the second file is giving me all these problems still.

any help is greatly appreaciated.

Your second file is way to big to fit to an 80min CDR regardless of what number you put in Nero Overburn section. It just will NOT fit. You need to burn to a 90min CDR if your burner suports them.

You also need to upgrade your DVD2SVCD to latest version (1.1.0 Build 1a) as early versions had your problem. Get it from

thank you for the link I have version 1.0.9 which is older.

what all do these aspi drivers change? do i really need them? because currently i have my dvd and cdrw drive working flawleslly

If everything is running flawlessly, then dont update/install any aspi drivers. Aspi drivers not needed for ripping/converting.

I have a problem relating to all this. I am trying to burn a .bin file and am using Nero 7. Nero says it wants a CDR/W. This is a video. First, how can you possibly put a video on a CDR/W. Second, even if I wanted to put it on there, I can’t because the file is over 700MB and the discs are only 650MB. Suggestions??? Don’t want to overburn. Thanks. :bow:

  1. Just burn it on a CD, nothing easier than that.
  2. 700mb video will fir on a 650mb CD if you burnt it as VCD/SVCD.