Ripped files and Recode



Hi all,
Newbie to the forum AND DVDing. I’m hoping someone can help me…
I am using “cladvd” to rip a dvd. I used the “movie only” option. It ripped successfully and will play from the hard drive with “Power DVD”.
Using Recode, the files will not show up using “DVD VIdeo” tab…using “DVD Data Files” tab, the files show up, but after I select them, the “Next” button will not highlight to go any farther.
Am I doing something wrong? :confused: Should I rip the entire disc and then sort out the main movie with Recode? :confused:
Thanks in advance for any help.


i think i saw a manual you can download on Nero’s site for Recode.


use dvd decrypter to rip the files to your hard drive and then use recode to make your dvd or get anydvd and recode will rip the files on the fly as you make your dvd.


Last night, I ripped the whole disc first, then used Recode to sort the main movie…and it worked perfectly (though I noticed there were more files to the Recode “main movie” than with CladDVD). I will give DVD Decrypter and Anydvd a try and see which method I like best.
Now that I have the recoded main movie (4.2gb) on my hard drive, I assume that all I do now is use Nero Burning Rom for a DVD video, and insert the files into the VIDEO_TS folder, and leave the AUDIO_TS folder empty?
Thanks for the help.


Recode will burn files to a dvd for you.

Select your burner instead of your hard drive and it’s all done for you.


I’ve been trying to do the same - I’m ripping the DVD using DVD Decrypter and trying to recode them to nero digital. Seems like everything is going great - I select the main movie only and it preview’s fine in nero recode - but when I actually go to convert the movie I keep getting the following error message:

“Failed to create the Nero Digital Video encoder filter.”

Any idea’s ?