Ripped Eagles DVD, no sound on extender

I have been busy ripping my DVD collection to my Vista PC using DVDFab 6. I was doing pretty good until I got to Eagles Farewell I Tour. I just can’t seem to get any audio when I play the rip on my Linksys DMA2200 extender.

I usually rip the whole disc to the PC and concatenate the main movie VOB files. Since the extender will not play a VOB, I have been creating a hard link to the VOB with an MPG extension and storing it in a directory that the extender watches for DVDs. Usually if the link works in WMP, it will work on the extender, but this one does not. The video plays on the extender, but in silence. It plays 2Ch on the PC but not DTS. It plays fine on the PC from the original DVD.

There are 2 audio streams available on the DVD - 2Ch and DTS. I tried ripping just the main movie with the same results. I have tried changing the audio setup options as well.

It appears from the product specs that it doesn’t support DTS…

[QUOTE=pipemanid;2413181]It appears from the product specs that it doesn’t support DTS…[/QUOTE]Yes, but I don’t get the 2Ch either, even if I just rip the main movie. It’s like there is something different lurking there as well. The 2Ch rip works on the PC using WMP, but no dice on the extender.