Ripped DVD Movies Mysteriously Shrinking

I’ve been trying to rip and reburn some DVDs, and here’s the problem: When I rip the video, it comes out as a perfectly usable video file. I’ve ripped at Mpeg 2, as mpeg, as Video_TS, and as a VOB viewable with VLC. All these files work fine, except they have a bit rate too high to burn onto a 4.7 gig DVD. I have various means of recoding these files at lower bit rates, but whenever i trasnlate these files into ANYthing, they lose about a fifth of their length. Basically, they speed up.

Oddly enough, they speed up about as much as they would if you took a 24 frame per second video and played it at 30 frames per second, but changing frame rates on my encoders has no effect on the output.

I’ve never encountered anything like this, and I’m running out of settings to tweak. Help?

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I don’t understand. If you’re just trying to copy the DVDs then what’s stopping you from transcoding/re-encoding with the usual methods?

Have you tried performing a 3:2 pulldown?

Oh, well, that’s incredibly helpful. Thank you. Had I only thought for a moment and done that instead of wasting my time checking the useless messages people leave me here. Brilliant advice, very zen, point taken. Thank you. Really.

Like I said, whenever I re-encode, the movies speed up. There are no errors or problems reported, the movies are just shorter.

you haven’t mentioned at all what programs you use nor the steps you take to transcode/reencode, so how would anyone know what there is to possibly fix?

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