Ripped CD to big to reburn?

I am using Pepsky Free Audio Converter.

I ripped this CD years ago and no longer have the original. I wanted to burn an audio CD which could be played on a basic CD player. With Pepsky this is very easy to do, except the CD has insufficient space for the contents. I have tried various combinations of file formats but nothing seems to fit the content on to the disc.

Yes, I buy cheap media. I currently use Memorex CD-Rs with 700MB space. I haven’t had any problem with them. As a matter of fact, at most of the local technology stores and supermarkets Memorex and Sony are the only brands available. I have never seen CD-R media come any larger than 700MB. Most albums have 8-10 songs on them. This album is part of a “best of” series and has 16 songs.

I know for a fact all of these songs fit on the album before, but now I cannot get them back onto a CD.

Any suggestions??


What is the current size and format of your backup file?

I have 16 individual mp3 tracks totalling 96.2MB. But when I use Pepsky to burn and audio CD it won’t fit. When I use Pepsky to burn an MP3 CD it is storage rather than playback, so it won’t work on an normal external CD player.

When burning audio, you need to be concerned with time, not file size. A standard CDR will hold 700MB or 80 Minutes of music.

It’s also not going to sound the same (as good as the original). In order for you to have 16 songs that are only 96MB, you have likely used a low bitrate and sacrificed most of the quality.

Split your 16 individual MP3s between 2 audio CDs…Or eliminate your least favorite track(s)…
Just some food for thought…:smiley:

Size matters too.I think what is happening is Pepsky in audio CD burn mode is converting the files from mp3 to probably .wav files .When it does that the 16 you are trying to burn are larger than 700MB.
Was the original a 2 disc set ?

Unless you’re burning an MP3 data disc,every burning app will decompress/decode, back to wav and burn a proper audio CD 16-bit, 44.1 kHz [B]1411kbps[/B]…

originally ripped to MP3 at 192kbps.

The CD set is <a href=“”>Oh Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits</a>.

CD 1 - 16 songs
CD 2 - 14 songs

I really didn’t want to make a 2 disc set into a 3 disc set, but I guess I will have to.

I am going to try it with my Nero program first.

What bugs me, is that I could have copied the original directly onto a CD of this size. But since all I have is the ripped music, I don’t know what to do.

Unless I did the math wrong, CD1 is just over 70 minutes. You should have no problem fitting this on a CD-R.


It’s 70:35 minutes.

I went back and used Nero to burn the audio CD. Worked great! My problem was with Pepsky apparently. I guess PC Tools magazine’s recommendation was no good this time.

Thanks everybody for your suggestions.

Maybe they need a new title 'PESKY free audio converter ’ instead…