Ripped But Burn?

wanted to Make Copies of my old Abba Cds,I Have Ripped with EAC to Wav on my HDD

confused wat burning Software to Use to Burn them ?

To Make it Short wats the Best Software to Burn ACD’s ?

anybody ?

Are you in a hurry? :bigsmile:

Try Burrrn: it’s free and a very good software

If you have a Plextor burner, also Plextools can be used for this task.

Yes Burrrn for audio burns, :iagree:
but what took you so long geno888? :bigsmile:


dang… I almost spitted my coke on the monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! thanks I didn’t think it was that funny,you sure it’s coke you almost spit out? but cheers again! :slight_smile:

Trouble with Burrrn is that it probably won’t pick up CD-Text from the WAV files from what I recall.

However, EAC will create CUE sheets for itself or the likes of Burrrn to burn.

wat should i burn with ?
MBI or Verbatims Cds MII ?

waiting to be burnt,any advice ?

Only Verbs for me , although I don’t know the quality of the MII ones.