Ripp audio track to wma

in neroapi there was a way to ripp audio track to wma:

				bVal = NeroAudioGetFormatInfo(8, &audioFormat);
				if( strcmp(audioFormat.nafiExtList, "wma") == 0)
					audioHandle = NeroAudioCreateTargetItem(9);

					audioItemInfo.naiiAudioItem = audioHandle;
					audioItemInfo.naiiFileName = "E:\\My Temp\\AAAExport.wma";

					exchange.ndeData.ndeAudioItemInfo = audioItemInfo;
					exchange.ndeType = NERO_ET_AUDIO_FILE;
			if (NeroDAE (NeroDeviceHandle, pTrackInfo->ntiTrackStartBlk, pTrackInfo->ntiTrackLengthInBlks,
				&exchange, 0, &callback)) {
				NeroError ("NeroDAE()");

but how can i perform such a thing with nerocom?

Currently this is not supported. You may only rip to PCM WAV or use events to receive RAW data.

thanks alexp for your kindly replis.

but i don’t know anything about the event you have mentioned. can you explain it?

If you pass an empty filename to DAE method of NeroDrive, you will then receive OnWriteDAE events whenever data is available. Depending on the environment used you may have to do different things to get a hold of the data (C# comes to mind where you have to cast the parameter to short[]). Generally speaking, the event receives a VARIANT containing a SAFEARRAY of VT_I2. This translates to an array of 16-bit audio samples.

Other than this, you may expect an OnDoneDAE and OnProgress events.