Riplock removed DVD drive

Hey everyone,
I’ve searched and found a lot of info about this, but not much of it is very current. I currently have a samsung s182m drive and it does not appear to rip dvds at full read capacity. I’m looking for a drive with the best/highest possible read times (with the ability to remove riplock somehow) so that i can burn my dvd collection to a media server. I looked into that MCSE program and it seems it has not been updated in quite some time. I looked into purchasing one of the benq drives that is listed to be compatible with for removing riplock, but they are all discontinued drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


LiteOn drives have various firmwares with the riplock removed. I have one, but haven’t applied the appropriate firmware yet (too lazy).

A plus is they offer quality scanning, and are good DVD burners in their own right, although I mainly use my LiteOn as a reader/ripper.


NEC drives also can be good reader and ripper with riplock rmoved the Benq drives also can be modified by MCSE to speed up in reading and ripping.