Riplock on re-badged DH-22A9P




Since I was fed up with my LiteOn’s LH-18A1P’s drive not opening without pushing the force eject button I purchased an MSI DH-22A9P which appears to be a re-branded Lite-On drive if I’m correct. There is not firmware updates on MSI’s website nor do I even see the model listed in their product pages. What I have noticed is that this drive may possibly have riplock enabled since it takes about 30 minutes to backup some discs. I thought this was something that drive manufactures abandoned a long time ago. Am I correct is assuming all new Lite-On drives have this? I went with this particular model because it is one of the few drives that is offered in IDE with a beige faceplate.

Any way to remove the riplock?

Thanks in advance


You’d have to try flashing it with Lite-On firmware, after you removed the riplock with MCSE:

You’ll need to do some research and reading first, so that you don’t destroy your drive.