Riplock on px-716a

Just wondering why there is no hacked firmware with riplock removed for the px-716a. The NEC and BenQ drives have riplock removed firmware. Is it that the 716a already rips faster than those drives or just that its fast enough already. I really want to rip DL discs faster

There is no riplock on the 716a.

The 716A does not need ripunlock firmware. If you read the owners manual, or the FAQ’s at the top of this forum, you will find that with the tray closed, press and hold the tray open button for about 3 seconds. The LED will start blinking. Release the open button and the tray will open. Put your to-be-ripped DVD in and close the tray.
Also, if you use DVDDecrypter, check the ‘plextor’ speed read option. With this, you won’t have to hold the tray open button for three seconds.

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i have found the plextor works best with a dual channel enhanced config

using dual channel (all 4) actuall will kill it’s performance. hope that helps you abit to speed up ripping (also cas 2 ram will rip faster)

What? Are you talking about RAM speeds? Even old PC100 wouldn’t be a bottleneck for ripping DVDs.


Just a quick note: via PlexTools you can also enable the “SpeedRead DVD” option which will then be saved to the drive (meaning that after you’ve enabled it, it will remain enabled so you can rip discs at maximum speed). This method is easier than the manual method (pressing and holding the eject button) and faster.

does speedread dvd have disabvantages? should one have it on all the time?

The disadvantage to leaving it on all the time is if you want to play a DVD video in the drive - it would be a lot louder. I find using DVD Decrypter’s speed read only when using to rip a DVD is best, then the default for regular DVD playing can remain quiet.

not true ram controls the majority of pc rimings assumming the processor can handle those speeds… when your able to override the error checking and fetching everything is sped up even dvd ripping.

the problem with this is not many chipsets allow you to do this and the ram capable of this is usually very expensive for newer motherboards and older ones it’s cheaper since you can sub for something alot faster…

anyways back to the orginal point.

if you have something tahts 10 characters long and you know its 10 char long, why check its 10 if its always will be 10 so we take that error checking away and lets say instead of 3 steps (12 which is 26 min for example) we now do 2 (8 which is 20 min for example). thats a whole milisecond saved for that 1 instance. repeating this logic you will get a significant amount of time saved. ripping has always been limited by the ram of a computer, its hard drive and proc btw.

note that these numbers are in no way actual calculations since it isn’t possible to be a perfect 12 realistically it would be 13^33333-
this was just an example on how ram does matter google it if you want a more detailed explaination.

the p4’s (gen 2) and on take advantage of this with its 533 fsb+ which is capable of acheiving a very good cas + ram speed needed to notice a differance.