RipLock driving me nuts, please help!



OK, I know I must be overlooking something real stupid, but here’s the deal:

My Samsung SD-616E suddenly is rip speed locked at 6x (single layer pressed DVD-Rom); It’s installed as Secondary Slave in a MSI K7N2Delta-ILSR board, Secondary Master is a Plex Premium, been there for ages, none has had problems until now; I now the Samsung’s top speed is 16x for this kind of discs, been there countless times before. DMA is enabled, I’m using Microsoft’s IDE drivers.
My Philips 1640 is installed as Primary Master, and is working ok (no rip lock at all); My Plex 712a (external FW enclosure) is also ok, no rip lock.

I’m using AnyDVD, but the Speed Control features are disabled; Nero’s DriveSpeed is also off; what else could be buggering up my system?! :a

Any help really appreciated!!!