Riplock cracked Dvd drives

I just bought a SH-S182M ODD and have come to learn about “Riplock”. This drive burns great DVDs but I am disappointed that it has this Riplock and that there is apparently no cracked firmware available. I am trying to create a DVD library and have a lot of DVDs to rip on to my HDD and don’t want to wait 15 minutes/DVD. So i was wondering if anyone knew how I could remove the Riplock from this drive… and if not, what drive people would recommend as the best for ripping DVDs to my HDD. Appreciate any input, thanks!

MediaCodeSpeedEdit appears to support removing riplock on the SB00 firmware.

The MCSE Homepage lists “Samsung SH-S182D SB00 (currently read only)” drive as a supported drive. However, I have the SH-S182M drive which support lightscribe, I read in the forums that trying to flash a 182D to 182M would brick the drive, is the reverse not true? Would I lose lightscribe? and lastly, what does it mean by “currently read only” will I lose the ability to write discs if i hack this fw, or does it mean I will just not be able to change the write speed stuff…

Thanks for your help…
On a side note, just to humor me, if i wanted to just get a sep drive to do all my ripping, what is the BEST drive out there for read/ripping DVDs fast and without any errors. Thanks!

Yes you would lose lightscribe (I don’t know much about the variations of Samsung drives; D, M, etc.).

Read only means you can only use the read speed patch, the write strategy swapping shouldn’t even be available.

Alot of people like to have a Lite-On due to their ability to read scratched and degrading/poor quality discs. Personally though I use a Benq for my ripping (they are hard to find unless it’s a rebranded model).