PilgrimsPride here aka: LurkerSteve,

Been using shrink, decryptor and fab for quite sometime now. They work well for free, no complaints as of yet. Checked around in this wonderful forum you ladies and gents have here and found a prog. called ripit4me. I tried it and liked it. Love the “straight to dvd menu” check box, probably the only reason I use it.

Just wondering what exactly it’s doing, I mean, I know what it’s doing, but why does it piggyback on decrypt and shrink? Is it continuing were they left off? Is is going to be updated regularly? What is “fixvts” doing? I just want to know…to know!

Of interest, I was just testing it on a older movie of mine and it crashed, I didnt post the crash log, It was pirates of the caribbean (the first one of course). Other movies worked great like my MI3 and DaVinci. I believe i probably still have the crash log somewhere on my puter, I don’t know were it stores it, but it’s somewhere.


Ripit4Me add the adds the ability to allow DVD Decrypter to rip movies with new encryption that it can no longer do since it has not been updated for about two years. It also uses FixVTS to remove unnecessary bits and pieces in the movie resulting in less compression for DVD Shrink leaving you with better overall quality. It seems that so far it has been updated on a regular basis.
I use Ripit4Me and DVDFab Decrypter and love them both.
I have never had it crash on me so I don’t know where it stores the error log.

I am also recently using RipIt4Me with no problem at all as a matter of fact the process is so smooth I might use this only.

The latest version stores the debug log in the folder where your rip was saved or where you have the logs saved to. When if/it crashes it should prompt you to post it.