I have RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, im trying to burn the movie “Meet the Browns” it says the "DVD has 1 protected PGCs. so I clicked next and received following msg. “Couldn’t create target rip directory” Does anyone know what I can do to be able to copy this dvd. Ur assists would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.:confused:


Check that the path it tries to create doesn’t include any < > characters.


You can use dvdfab hd decrypter to rip dvd to HDD as it is updated still. Then use dvdshrink to compress to fit a dvd5 disc and then use ImgBurn or nero to burn to disc


Ripit4me is no longer updated and might not be able to handle the newer dvd’s that are coming out, maybe you should get a program that is updated still


Thx for the responses, however, last nite I noticed dvdfab being mentioned, I dowloaded it and it causes my sytems to crash, something about “stop error” r there any other programs available or can someone tell me how to get dvdfab to work with out causing my system to crash…Im not techie at all so any assistance is appreciated. Thx



Strange that your system crashed after a Fab install.

Just out of curiosity, did you download Fab from this site or some other site? If you downloaded from anywhere but here, you may have got a corrupt download…

Uninstall Fab (if you haven’t already), then download Fab from [U]this site[/U] and reinstall.

Hope this helps.


yes I would also recommend dvdfab… it’s great at handling the newest dvds. make sure to keep it updated, so you can handle the latest dvd protection. :slight_smile: