Has any one here tried this program. It works pretty good. I thought I’d post the link I hope that’s OK.

Yes, see this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I did a search but it didn’t come up with that thread. I just have go get used to navigating around here. Ther are some people here I recognize from DigitalVideoForums who are quite knowlegeable. NWG and Chewy, if they are the same guys.

They are the same.

Cool. I remember your name too. I have had a few problems with a mod over there and just want someplace where there aren’t any personality problems. I went by a different name over there. I still can’t figure how to navigate to that thread, I must be loosing it.

What thread?

The thread RipIt4Me-A new Ripper is out

Click the link…the path is at the top of the page.

I got it. I am getting old or tired. I was searching in the wrong area, thanks a lot.

Connecticut ay…LOL

There is also AD.