Ripit4me updated for Attack Force

Version (9 December 2006)

Added a more thorough removal for useless titlesets that are not the last ones. This should fix the problem with Attack Force. NOTE: for that DVD, to avoid crashing DVD Decrypter, it is important to uncheck the “Check for structure protection” option in DVD Decrypter (see below).
Removed override of “check for structure protection” in DVD Decrypter. If you get EAccessViolation errors when DVD Decrypter checks for structure protection, disable the “Check for structure protection” in Decrypter’s settings.
Added up/down/left/right, and forced action flag to button info. This will make debugging easier.
Attempted to solve the “No drive” problem that some people are encountering. If this still happens to you, please post your debug log, we’ve added some debug info to help figure out what the problem is.
Improved the analysis algorithm.
The number of audio/subpicture streams is no longer set to 0 in the domain attributes, unless all the PGCs are dummies.

Wow - that was fast.

Thanks for the info.

Only downside is that I would have to go into DVD Decrypter and change some options. But hey, it’s free and I’m grateful they are working on it so diligently. We’re pretty lucky to have this option.

Version 1620 just came out.
Fixes problem of doing Attack Force in Full DVD mode.