Ripit4me substitue

now that ripit4me is gone, is there a new sustitute program
that will do the same thing

now that ripit4me is gone, is there a new sustitute program
that will do the same thing
thanks[/QUOwere did you get the idea that RIPIT4ME has gone it is still available on a number of web sites and is also updated search again be patient and look for it------------SILVERSURFER

DVDFab Gold or Platinum…But it is not free

Try DVD Fab Platinum you can get a free 15 day trial although it lasts longer than 15 days.

There is a free trial version of platinum. Mine just expired today.

LOOK around on the net many many sites offer full working versions of a number of programs as mentioned already try //I said no warez link here// for 1 plus many other sites on TORRENT--------------SILVERSURFER

@joeborg: the only reason you’re not sinbinned is because you didn’t have time to read my last warning.

Any more warez links, or encouragement to use them, and you are banned. :cop: Is that clear?

i can find sites that still have ripit4me to download
where can i find updates my version says no update available-
thank you
p.s.-i never posted any warez sites

@sammd70: no problems: my comments about warez sites were addressed only to joeborg.

With RipIt4Me, it’s my understanding that there are no updates currently being worked on. For reasons that are not clearly defined, all development on that application appears to have ceased but it is still possible to acquire it, at the level it previously attained, from some sites.

whew…i thought you were talking about ripit from here :wink:

Haha… :flower:.

RipItFromMe”, perhaps… :wink:

In an attempt to clear up any confusion, the free trial period for Fab’s retail products is 30 days.

DVDFab HD Decrypter (updated from DVDFab Decrypter) is available as freeware and is consistently updated. It is a stripped down version of Fab Platinum and is a ripping app only. You will need a burn app such as Img, nero recode 2, etc., etc.
Here’s the link to Fengtao’s freeware:

sorry about mentioning web sites i will be more careful in future and ask forgiveness sorry again----------------SILVERSURFER

Since using DVDFab Platinum, I don’t even miss that…oh yeah! R4Me…