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I see that their is a lot of question about ripit4me. So that me and other will not make bad dvds what are the best setting for ripit4me.

Do I need to check all the fixvts setting?
What ripping setting work better: full dvd, movie only, iso?
Should I enabled subtitles?
Should I let it create a psl file?
What should I choose ac3 6 or 2 channel or dts 6 channel?

Is there any setting that I need to know about in dvd decrypter and dvd shrink?

Thanks for any help


You can find a good guide for Shrink here
They also used to have a good guide for DVDDecrypter.


Setting is up to you. If you want only movie or whole DVD. I usually use Wizard to do the job and full DVD, than use DVD Remake to take out what I do not want. You can also use DVD Shrink for that.
Let RipIt to go through all the processes as this is needed to get correct files.
PLS is to get rid of protection, otherwise Decrypter will fail.
FixVTS will correct VTS files after rip.
All DVD players will except AC3 either 2 or 6 channel. AC3 is standard format for DVD, others are optional.


Look in the help file of RipIt4Me, it will get you to the website for additional help, a guide, a FAQ and links to the support forum. There is now a downloadable help file to use locally, it is available from the website.


I just wanted to step in and Thank You guys for all of your help. I have been playing with ripit4me and having a few problems. Now that someone was able to send me in the direction for a guide it works great. Just did 3 movies and they are perfect. I even tried a DVD+RW and it burned fine. Thanks again for all of the info. A special Thanks to you pwjnc for asking the question that sent me in the right direction.


OR here:


this guide for ripit4me will help you a lot
change XX for TT