Ripit4me Question



Will Ripit4me work with dvdfab?




Decrypter only??


Yes :bigsmile:


So isn’t Ripit fairly new and why not associate it with a newer decrypter??


it works great with dvdd…too bad ripit4me is gone now


With RipIt4Me you do not need any other program it does every thing for you because it is 4 program integrated in one.


I think you misunderstood this TCAS. You’ll still need DVDDecrypter and/or Shrink and a Burning software.
RipIt4Me only acts as a front-end to those programs, linky .

Too bad it’s gone now… :sad:


I think Ripit4me is gone now maybe shutdown as a lot of sites are taking down his site and I checked the update page and it’s gone now. So there won’t be any updates to it so in the coming months it won’t work on the new DVD protection now


Please read what I have I said that RipIt4Me is 4 programs integrated in one?.


Care to tell us what “programs” TCAS… ? :bigsmile: :wink: :cool:


You are right:clap: as I used to use it all the time, I might be wrong but maybe he thinks that because it goes from one program to the other automatic thats it’s all in one (which it isn’t as you still need those other programs):bigsmile:


You linked them in your previous post. :iagree: ?.