RipIt4Me-new freeware helps backup copy protected DVDs

I just posted the article RipIt4Me-new freeware helps backup copy protected DVDs.

 D4rk0n3 used our    news submit  to tell us about this  freeware app that can be used to backup those copy protected DVDs. With the loss  of DVD Decrypter and also there no longer are updated...
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I wonder how long they will be able to keep this site up. But all the best wishes from me and good luck!

Depends on where they are hosting it - there are still free countries somewhere.

Looks like the host server is in WEST PUBNICO, NS, CANADA So whats the bets its down by the end of the year?

“So whats the bets its down by the end of the year?” It’ll still be there unless the wannabe Republicans in Harper’s band of twits start kissing American ass.
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I think we can rest assured that something will be done regardless of political stance. Money makes the world go round. :c

I agree, it’s all about money, not politics. Just for the record, it was the super Democrat liberal president Clinton who signed the digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and No Electronic Theft law (The NET Act) into law. There are also a number of other Democrats who have other goodies like "Consumer Broadband and Digital Promotion Act (CBDT) that “protects” digital and broadband content – compliments of Senator Fritz Hollings…or how about the “Peer-to-Peer Privacy Prevention” bill from Democrat Howard Berman of California. Need any more examples…? :d

No! We hate politics to be discussed here as there is too much in our lives. But, those are excellent examples. :wink:
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I think that this is an interesting tool :slight_smile:

Umm, this is probably just me being paranoid, but I would set my anti-virus (go to 'internet worm protection, ‘program control’, then set my firewall to block this program ‘block all internet access’) Here’s why: 1. There isn’t much (if any) real info about the authors of the program. 2. I don’t put ANYTHING past the riaa and/or the mpaa, this might be a way to ‘track’ who is ripping dvds. 3. The ‘authors’ of this program should release the source code (it’s a free program anyway) for review. Just my 2 cents worth… :slight_smile:

jbailey8 said: “1. There isn’t much (if any) real info about the authors of the program. 2. I don’t put ANYTHING past the riaa and/or the mpaa, this might be a way to ‘track’ who is ripping dvds.” That was the first thing I thought when I first read about this program.

What does it matter if the mpaa knows you are ripping dvd´s? It is still legal to “backup” in most countries.

@jbailey8 - Do the authors of commercial ripping programs make their source code available? Would you feel better if the author had a name and charged you money for the program?

If I were the one who wrote this program (no I’m not), I wouldn’t disclose my identity as this could cause a lot of legal trouble. Staying anonymous probably is the best thing to do in this situation. If the software should contain any backdoors or other unwanted functions, someone would soon find out about it. But I have to admit that making the sourcecode publicly available, would make it almost impossible to stop spreading of this tool or derived work.

This isn’t a commercial program, it’s freeware, it’s up to whoever wrote the code to do that or not. With the way things are now, you can’t be to careful, and for the record, pgp is both freeware & commercial, yet the sources are available for it, and without the sources being available, pgp would be hard to trust considering what it does. This is just my opinion, if you don’t agree with it, that’s fine… :slight_smile:

This program does not appear to have any code in it which can decrypt digital copy protection, so I don’t see where it is in conflict with the DMCA? It appears to be basically a shell that can identify unreadable sectors on a dvd (which one would normally consider to be “flaws”) and can launch other programs, if the person happens to have them on their system.

Rich86 is right. It is just a frontend for other programs. It doesn’t actually decrypt anything. It works in the same manner as the Pgcedit plugin. It is also on version now.