Ripit4me installer with fixvts included

Hi, I Know, I know its been asked before but i need help please. I had the ripit4me installer that had fixvts included and i lost my harddrive. Can anyone please email it to me. All the links to download it have all been removed. If someone can help me out id be extremly grateful…Lilly

The third server at this site still has the last version of RipIt4Me available for download. It has FixVts integrated into the program.

By the way, if you want people to email you, you’ll need to provide an email address somewhere. Either slightly disguised in the thread (wildlilly AT something DOT net) or an address available in your personal info.

Do yourself a favor wildlilly, and go with DVDFabDecrypter instead. RI4M won’t ever be updated any longer and may become useless if another wave of encryption strategies come out of Sony or Disney…But DVDFabDecrypter will update to keep ahead of those studios as soon as put out new encryption crapola…lol :flower:

BTW, you can still use FixVTS on the DVDFab Decrypter files as you would’ve with the RI4M files… :wink:

FixVts on it’s own can be downloaded from here as well as the other program that still works.

Hi my email address for anyone that can send me the ripit4me installer with fixvts is if it cant be sent to yahoo i will email you another email address from yahoo. I dont want to post my everyday email due to heaps of bogus ones ill end up with…I really do apreciate it to all who have answered. I do have dvdfab,shrink, decrypter but i just like using ripit4me at the moment…lilly

Don’t forget to uncheck “Check for Updates at Startup” in Logs/Settings / Preferences.

Kerry and beefbarley already stated that you can download on your own, no need for any emails… :cool: +

I did download that one but no fixvts is installed with it and i have to run it from unzipped folder each time. I am after the installer…Thanks again

Extract FixVTS and install it to any folder you want, then set the path for FixVTS from RipIt4Me, RI4M, if I remember right, may detect it automatically and set the path for you.
RI4M isn’t setting the path because you aren’t extracting FixVTS from the zip folder…

RipIt4Me still stands 10 feet tall among all freeware programs as far as ability and performance concern.

[QUOTE=Kerry56]The third server at this site still has the last version of RipIt4Me available for download. It has FixVts integrated into the program.

I think you should read this quote carefully & I already gave you a link for FixVts. You unzip the exe to either your desktop or a folder you create in your program files. If you unzip it to program files, you right click on the exe in the folder / send to / create a shortcut on your desktop.

Considering that there is only DVDFab Decrypter as the other free alternative, not sure how much weight that statement holds… :wink:

RipIt4Me is indeed a great program, but it will lose it’s effectiveness eventually on the next wave of encrytions from Sony and crew…

You also gotta remember that RI4M is using great programs to make itself good as well…DVDD, FixVTS, and DVDShrink.

wildlilly has made her choice to stick with RI4M, and thats her prerogative, so I’m trying to help her set it up… :cool:

Ooops sorry i did accidently download no:2 server. I just checked back…Thanks heaps guys…Lilly

Thats why I told her she needed to extract FixVTS… :slight_smile:

Good to hear,good luck :flower:

That’s my bad, I should have been clearer, Kerry56 had already posted that the last version of RipIt4Me had integrated FixVts in to it therefore FixVts no longer came with the download. If you wanted FixVts, you had to download it on it’s own. My instructions on the unzip were supposed to be for the RipIt4Me.exe but I did not state that, my bad & I apologize for the confusion it caused.

Well, now Im confused. Why tell OP to download Fixvts if its already integrated into latest version of Ri4m?
BTW, FYI another source for latest Ri4m version is:

and it could also be found on

For a program that is supposedly going to be obsolete in a little while, it sure is popular.

Thats because in the majority of cases it still works.

Just as DVD Decrypter did and then did again with RipIt4Me.

Ri4m works for every Region 1 Dvd’s Ive tried.
Only problem seems very limited to a few select German Dvd’s, which I have not encountered where I am located.

Oh well, so much for premature obsolescence! :bigsmile:

BTW, agree with TCAS – RI4M does indeed stand tall !!!