Ripit4me can't find the dvd!

ok i’ve been doing this for a while and some time i get lucky with no probs but when i don’t i turn here cause it’s never let me down.

I’m trying to back up my Nacho Libre. So that my main disk dose not get scrached up and wasted. but when i go to back it up, Ripit4ma can’t locate the dvd. so i’ve tryed all the old tricks such as trying to play th movie first in windows media player or Intervideo but they can’t find them ether

When i run ripit4me First i get a error message saying “could’nt find Video.ts folder! are you running win95, win98 or win me? At this point, this program dose not run on these OS…”
But i have windows XP
Then it just can’t find the dvd in the dvd drive!

Help me please if you can!

There is a FAQ page and number 21 suggest that you change a setting.

still not working. back’s up other movie’s just this one and fast and furious tokyo drift

Try DVDFab Decrypter.

Kaumana…I have the same problem with Mission Impossible 3… None of my DVD players can find the DVD. All of my other movies works fine. Maybe its a new protection? The movie works just fine on my ordinary (TV) DVD player, but not on the computer. Region code match, so that isnt the problem

They will probably come out with an update before you can blink your eyes.

Check that you have the latest firmware installed for your DVD reader and also if you have another (i would say better) dvd reader installed in your computer - try with that one. Also change the setting in ripit4me’s preferences to use DVD Decrypter.

As a test on how good your reader is to read - open up windows explorer and try to read/copy the ifo files from the original disc (you find them inside the VIDEO_TS folder) to your hard disk - if that is a problem even in windows explorer - then consider a new dvd reader. Based on this thread

you have a general problem with reading discs and that is not something that ripit4me can solve.

Another good try is to clean the disc.

Sounds like the new protection called ‘Protect DVD-Video’.

Read more about it HERE.

Even if the DVD should have Protect DVD Video as protection - which I don’t think as I have the swedish release of that DVD and all scandinavian/nordic releases are the same regarding Sony DVDs - that protection plays some tricks with the IFO files and also contains bad sectors but you will still be able to see the file structure in windows explorer.

See here for response.

thank’s feed back10k can’t wait till they find a way around it. i took the dvd back to the store and told them it was a defect and Could’nt play on my comp. got my moneyt back but thank’s for all the help!

I was able to back it up using ripit4me while anydvd was running in the background. I know that ritit seguest that you shut down anydvd, but after trying a few different progs, I decided to leave it open and give it a try. It worked out great, dvd decrypt found no errors, ran fixvts, went right into shrink, and analized without any trouble. I then shut it down and opened it up in nero recode, ran a deep analisis, and a slow burn… Turned out awsome.
I have tryed this on two different movies that I simply could not open in any other programe. It worked out great each time. The other movie was monster house.