Ripit4me BETA

Version BETA (3 February 2007)
Our first Beta release, to help with the latest annoyances. Please, post and let us know whether this solves your particular problem.

  • Returned to a simpler way to check whether the disc is a DVD: look for the VIDEO_TS folder!
  • Once more attempted to solve the VISTA PSL import problem. There is now a 1s delay to allow the open dialog to open.
  • Fixed the problem that sometimes caused the label of the DVD to not be read and be reported as “NO_LABEL”.
  • In the Jump To Menu function, if the target menu was in the title domain, but not a title itself, things could go bad. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that could allow the parsing to occur even though the disc wasn’t ready!
  • Fixed problem that could occur when updating (the RipIt4Me app was sometimes locked so you couldn’t overwrite it).

That last problem you wrote there when trying to ovewrite the program when updating. Would this cause my windows xp pro to ask me for a password? I never seen this happen before I canceled the extract because of this. So I didn’t upgrade i’m curious if you heard of this?

Ok this version did work for me overwriting it. Thanks for posting this I had problems last night with the last update. It was telling me it “needed” a password to overwrite it.

EDit: Wait a minute I just checked the history it’s the same version I tried last night. It’s working now for some reason. Either way i’m a happy camper :bigsmile: