Ripit4me released



New version released, gotten at , under Download tab.

Version (10 January 2007)

Happy new year to all!
Improved the analysis. Results should be identical, but the analysis should be faster now.
If a VTS is completely unreferenced, the cleanup of its cells is now skipped (since it will be replaced anyway).
Pressing F1 now opens “RipIt4Me Help.chm” if this file is located in the same directory as RipIt4Me, otherwise it opens the web version. The help file is included in the installer.
Incorporated the on-the-fly patching code to make DVD Decrypter more robust to badly messed IFOs. Thanks to the anonymous developer who provided that code, without this, RipIt4Me would not be able to handle some of the latest DVDs. There is a new key in the ini file to control this. DecrypterParsingMode=1 is the default, which enables the patching. Set it to 0 for the normal DVD Decrypter behavior.
If there were no BOVs in the DVD when it was first scanned, it will not be rescanned in subsequent loading operations while in wizard or 1-click mode.
Added some broad error catching code to avoid crashes during the loading of titlesets and the analysis. If a fatal error occurs during the loading of a titleset (one that would normally crash the app) the code recovers and simply removes the titleset from the rip. If such an error occurs during the analysis, the app also recovers and tries to do the best it can to keep on going normally. A warning is issued, however.
Removed the error messages for bogus numbers of PGCs and skipping the rest of the VTS…
If for some reason the code to detect the state of the drive does not work, RipIt4Me will try to use the “old” code. This means you won’t need to have UseOldCheckCode set to 1 in the .ini file. Again, this is a temporary fix until we determine what it is exactly that makes the new code fail.
Fixed the bug that caused SPTI to be detected as unavailable if the first drive was locked.
When blanking titlesets, the TMAP table was not fully removed, this is now fixed.
Fixed a bug that could cause the “Jump to menu” function to not work right in wizard mode (1-click was OK).
When blanking a VTS, or replacing it with a generic one, the correct video format is now used (NTSC if the DVD is NTSC, PAL if it is PAL). This, hopefully, will fix some playability problems seen on some players.
In some rare cases, the jump to menu function was missing the menu (when the highlights were transparent when active). This has been fixed.
Fixed a potential small bug in Step 1 which could cause a crash when canceling.
Fixed a problem that occurred when an exit command was encountered during the analysis.


There is poper thread for RI4M


I do not believe that Ripit4me is limited to any one particular or proper thread.

Rather, I have been led to understand that Ripit4me can be mentioned numerous times in this “Copy Dvd Movie” forum without limitation, assuming of course that privilege is not abused, which certainly is not the case here.


Absolutely correct :wink:


Sweet…keeping this nice program going.


@H3rB3i, with all the different things that could happen using any program to limit any of them to 1 thread would be insane and your answer is sure to make that clear.


Yes, this was the purpose of that post.

There is nothing wrong with such “A new version of Software XXXX” are out threads. We find this kind of posts for other programs many times.

with all the different things that could happen using any program to limit any of them to 1 thread would be insane

Indeed, this would be insane and this is absolutely not in our mind. Everybody is welcome to ask questions or to help other people to solve their problems, is it in an existing thread or by creating a new thread and there won’t be a problem as long the content of the post/thread is not against our rules, makes sense and the discussion is on topic.

One thing we don’t want to see and allow is rude and disrespectful behavior between our members (but this is clearly stated in our forum rules) and threads which have some taste of spam, for example, multiple threads that contain text like “Software XXXX was able to successfully backup movie X”. Just consider everybody who successfully backed up a movie would let us now this by creating a thread :wink:

But now let’s go back on topic and you guys continue with discussing this new version of RipIt4me. :wink:


Yes you are correct Jamoskeag3, I have told you that numerous times, You are posting in the correct place. Did someone say otherwise? As H3rB3i has said, just as long as there is not a separate thread for every movie that is successful, all questions and problems can be discussed here in the CopytoDVD Forum. There is even a sticky for this program. Enjoy.:clap:


And thanks to a new version of FixVts by jeanl RI4M now handles Saw III. There was a problem with FixVTS processing one of the VTSs. The new version of FixVTS should be posted tomorrow.


I do not think Saw III will be released to the general public in Region 1 until next Tuesday, I hope all the programs work. :clap:


People know people, in places that get DVDs up to a month before the stores release them it was posted.

And it was also posted at another site in the RI4M subforum in the SAW III topic something like this:

at another forum it was posted that AnyDVD does SAW III and hopefully RI4M can too soon

I hope all the rippers do every DVD, HDDVD, BlueRay or whatever form they want to put out :smiley:


Yes I agree jm1647. All the program should be able to do what they profess. In the end it usually all works out.:clap:


I agree also, users helping users to get stuff backed up in anyway they can. Some rippers do something before another does but the important thing is to get feedback to the authors so programs can get updated regardless of what program it is. I don’t think any regular user here is making money talking about any ripper especially the free ones.


Speaking of Saw, heres a thread:
Appears fix is per post #54.
JM, could not agree more. The goal is to rip dvds, not tout programs.


I am not sure but I think the Blockbuster near me gets the movies at least a week in advance, so that means that the employees have access to them. I guess that could be called a small perk.:iagree: