Ripit! or anyone else

i’ve got a friend who is need of a good HD at a reasonable price…his master HD is taking a crap on him and hes still in high school so…please help me out here…he can’t afford a BIG one

Try looking here;jsessionid=Y6LQcUUGaw8tElu0YVcmfA**.node1



thanks…i’ll pass those links on to him…


I’d watch the local retailers’ sales and, Frys has had some great deals on HDs, but I’ve also seen some of the best deals on smaller HDs at B&M stores. Last week he could have gotten a 200GB from Staples for $40 after rebate, plus Staples always has coupons/inkjet cartridge trade-ins to make their deals even better.

Internal or external HD? If internal, IDE, or SATA?

What’s the price limit?

i believe he wants an internal one…
and i’m just going on a gut feeling but i would have to say IDE …
and price limit…well he is in high school so i would say…a good one for a great price…or better yet…a moderately priced one in the 150 and under range

Seagate 500{6B0Sc59PgwJM41tkLdDWCw**.node3}/product/4795159?site=sa:Hard%20Drives%20Memory:Spot2
Seagate 320

WD 250

Seagate 250

CCity has a 250Gb WD MyBook for 130-50rebate=80 may yeild some decent results. I’d personaly always stick with Seagates these days myself, but they do cost a little more. STAY AWAY FROM RECERTIFIED DRIVES! Your just asking for trouble with them.

Here are some 250 giggers to give you an idea of the price differance between brands:

Now, if he’s actualy looking for something larger, you can check them out at pricewatch too. It sounds like he needs something in a big hurry, which is a shame. Otherwise, I’d suggest watching over at and/or and waiting until he could find something in the $0.25/gig price point.

Hope that helps some.


Seagate 400gb $114.99

Seagate 320gb $84.49 open box

yep the open box specials save a little money, 5 year warranty still applies to seagate

have 3 that are doing fine for over a year(sata models)
WD ok
maxtor(no way)

In my new PC that I recently put together, I bought this one:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (Perpendicular Recording) ST3320620A 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive - OEM

$89.99 shipped from Newegg, not too bad :slight_smile:

this one is a really good cross between decent size and low cost:

and if he has sata, the sata version is $2 less:

I put the sata version in a friends comp and its been going strong for 6 months now, and its really quiet too

I have 3 of these but the SATA version, very nice drives

You know, I have the SATA version. Didn’t even realize I linked the wrong one on Newegg. <-- that one is the SATA one :slight_smile:

Ahh but you did link the right one because she thinks he might have IDE :slight_smile:

But now both are linked so it’s all good!

Yo S_S-

Here is a real good one at a very reasonable price:

Seagate puts out a very good product with a 5 year warranty-eh!

yeah he hasn’t called me today but i’ve passed on the links to him…he told me he just wanted like a small one to hold his OS thats about it…his other holds all his programs and data

In the past I have gotten most of my drives from fry’s as their sale prices have always been the cheapest. Newegg has gotten very competitive with hard drives recently (they didn’t use to be). I think that I would go for the 320 gig for 90$ or 250 gig for 70$ (seagate) that others are linking to at newegg. Its about the best deal that I see right now, unless you want to deal with a bunch of rebates. Then you might get cheaper froom some of the brick and morter stores. Looking through the ads for this week, There is not really anything beter than the seagates from newegg, even with rebates.
If you really want to go big, frys has a 500 gig seagate for 140$.
Newegg has the sata version for 10$ more but it’s oem.

As far as finding a smaller drive cheaper, I have been watching for a cheap drive for someone at work, and its not really worth it. You can find 100-160 gig drives for about 55-60$, and really small drives like 40-80 gig for about 45-50$. I would rather pay 70 for a 350 gig (not much more for a lot more space).

Or, if it turns out he can use SATA, you can get a 36 GB WD Raptor for about $100. $$/GB is definetely a lot higher than anything else suggested here, but it is plenty big enough for an OS drive and the increased performance is worth it in my opinion.

If I already had enough space for all my data on another drive, I would definetely consider forking out a little extra cash for a 10,000 RPM drive in favor of say, a 350-500 GB 7200 RPM.

Then again what do I know, I’m an idiot with like 18 posts :slight_smile: