~~Ripit and others~~

:cop: Please check your private messages and delete some older ones…after all you can only recieve and send 200…before it gets full…and when someone tries to message you…they can’t! :cop:

I greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter :bow:

Thank you and have a nice day … :flower:

And if you want to preserve the messages anyway, you can save them to your harddisk…there is an export function available.

Links for exporting are located at the bottom of your PM screen:

Download all Private Messages as :
XML | CSV | Text


hey S_S mine isn’t full :wink:

I prefer video. (I have a rarely used line that allows 100Mbps247.)


I have been looking for a S_S promised pm for weeks - and my pm messages are not full-eh!

hee hee…spam cnlson’s pm box…end spam…

now then…you have your box full

Big Mike…you can’t handle pms like the one you requested :slight_smile:

Eye Searing Heat? :wink: