Riping slideshow off dvd movie

This may not be the correct forum, but I cannot find one more suitable for this question.
I have some dvd movies which have slideshow photos in the bonus features. I would like to backup these photos and add them to my photo folders. When I try to find .jpg files on the dvd none show up, so I assume that these photos are in another file format. the only files showing up on the dvd are the usual dvd movie files (vts,vob etc). Can anyone tell me how to find, and rip as a backup these photos on my dvd?

Have you tried using VLC and when you get to the picture you want click on file/save?

Forgive me for my ignorance, what is VLC?

VLC is a free and excellent media player. It never whines about needing codecs (comes with its own) and will play almost anything. You can get more information about it here:

Thanks for the information, I will check it out. So I understand clearly, while viewing the photos on the dvd I may be able to right click and select “Save” and choose a destination to save the photo to?