RipBot264 dies after muxing

I’m having a problem with RipBot264. After queuing up a job, it dies after muxing and feeds me an error (presumably from AviSynth) that looks something like this:

DirectShowSource: couldn't open file E:	emp\RipBot264temp\job1\video.mkv: No combination of filters could be found to render the stream. (E:	emp\RipBot264temp\job1\getinfo.avs, line 2)

All the required dependencies are installed and the first time I ran it, everything went as expected.

I’m running on Vista Home Premium 64 with AviSynth v2.57, ffdshow rev2832 and Haali Media Splitter v1.9.42.1.

Thanks for any help or guidance you may be able to provide!

AFAIK Ripbot264 requires .net Framework 2.0, do you have it installed?
There’s also new version of Avisynth 2.5.8 and ffdshow r2867 (April 7, 2009). Maybe it’s a good idea to give them a try and/or reinstalling all the software needed.

.net 3.5 installed, all the apps uninstalled and latest versions reinstalled… same problem.

It seems like RipBot264 (or AviSynth) doesn’t think there’s an app capable of displaying the output…

Thanks for the reply, zaina. This is aggravating enough I’m open to trying anything at this point :wink:

did u find a solution im having the same problem