Rip using AnyDVD, burn using Roxio?

Hi, I have owned AnyDVD for some time and I’d like to try out the ripper. I have 2 UK Region 2, single-layer DVDs I’d like to copy. Can I rip them using AnyDVD, and burn the image using Roxio (it’s all I have)? Or do I have to create the image using something else, so Roxio can burn it?

If you want to burn an image then the best option is ImgBurn which is free.

However, Roxio should work OK anyway.

TimC is right, but anydvd doesn’t rip images. it rips to files.

roxio should burn the files just fine. you mentioend they were single layer so you won’t need any transcoding software in between, but if you wanted to rip dual layer discs I’d recommend clonedvd2 or dvd shrink to shrink and transcode the disc to fit SL media.

You did not mention what version of Roxio software you have. You must be on at least Version 6 of Roxio software to properly burn a dvd capable of being played on a standalone dvd player. Version 5 can burn to dvd media, but only as data files. Version 4 does not support dvd media at all. The currently marketed Roxio version is 8.

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me. It’s Easy CD Creator 5.

OK. When I had AnyDVD on, I could use Roxio’s Copy DVD function, and the final product was a region-free version of the original, and 1 copy worked fine, another didn’t work at all in my old Dell laptop DVD-ROM (“unsupported format”), and another skipped at certain sections. I assume because of AnyDVD, Roxio read the DVD as region-free?

In the end, I ripped the DVD with AnyDVD, a friend made an image and burned it on his mac. That worked the best. Roxio blows.

I suspect that the problems were nothing to do with Roxio but more down to your burner/firmware or the media you use.

McGarnicle -

Did you read Rich86 comments concerning the need to use Version 6 of Roxio software to properly burn a DVD capable of being played on a standalone DVD player?

It appears that your use of Easy CD Creator 5, which is unable to properly burn a DVD capable of being played on a standalone DVD player, is the cause of your problem.