Rip to hd or rip to image



I have read there are two ways to rip a commerical blu-ray movie using anydvd: Rip to hard drive and rip to image. I have used the rip to hd with some degree of success. When I tried ripping to image and using bd-rebuilder for compressing, and opened the folder where it was ripped to the iso file was not there. But when I checked for it in my computer the iso file was there. How can I locate the iso file in bd-rb to compress it. I have read that such a thing is possible. Which method is better for ripping.


Either way works, and there is no difference in speed of the rip, so you need to determine if you need the ISO instead of the file structure.

The main reason to rip to an ISO is playing the movie on the computer with a software program like PowerDVD. Cyberpower (the maker of PowerDVD) disabled their player slightly, not allowing it to play blu ray video from file format. This was done because of pressure from the studios. Ripping to an ISO may also be beneficial if you are doing complete backups to double layer, 50gb blank disks.

In order to play blu ray from the hard drive with PowerDVD, you need to have it in ISO form [B]and [/B] mount the ISO in a virtual drive. I recommend Slysoft’s Virtual CloneDrive for this. You also need to mount the ISO in order to work with it in BD-Rebuilder.

Virtual CloneDrive is free to download and use.

I believe Arcsoft’s TotalMedia Theater will play blu ray files as well as the mounted ISO files. But it is a fairly expensive program and isn’t often bundled with blu ray drives the way PowerDVD is.