Rip to Hard Drive?



Can AnyDVD be configured to Rip a DVD to the Hard Drive?


Sure, but you would use any other program you want to rip, including just making a new folder and click and drag the files over to copy. I use it with DVDDcrypter all the time.

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Sure. Drag and drop the files to your harddisk while AnyDVD is running. :slight_smile:


AnyDVD is basically a decrypter. It is not a “ripper”. Runing AnyDVD normally will allow you to use any copy program top move files for the DVD to your hard drive.


Just use DVD Decrypter works all the time.


In case you don’t know, DVDDecrypter has been “Nerfed”. I believe the Motion Picture Industry’s version of RIAA put him out of business. So, there will be no more DVDDecrypter updates. I wanted to use AnyDVD to decrypt the DVD Files and place the decrypted files on my Hard Drive so I could use the program of my choice to shrink and burn to new DVD.

AnyDVD may not be a “Ripper” but it sure acted like one when I used it along with the trial copy of CloneDVD to backup my copy of the movie “Hitch”. How would I go about using AnyDVD in conjunction with Nero to backup my Movies? I am uninterested in purchasing both AnyDVD and CloneDVD.


I was aware of this the first day, and Macrovision was the cause. While there are no updates, this program will still work as designed for quite some time and is currently viable for the hundreds of thousands of the current titles today.

Also, the use here is in conjuction with AnyDVD. When AnyDVD does its work, DVDDcrypter sees all the files as unprotected and functions as a plain old ripper. As long as AnyDVD keeps current, DVDDcrypter needs no updates to rip.