Rip to 1 vob file?

I checked out the tutorial, etc. but couldn’t find where I set DVDFab to rip the main movie into only 1 vob file so I can simply store the movie on my HDD for movies I own, like in the old DVD Shrink. Is this an option somewhere in DVDFab? I’m running the new version (5.0.3?) just released on 6/6.

dvdfab can rip to one iso file similar to dvd shrink.

or you can use vob passthrough. (i dont know if this is one file or several)

That doesn’t work. It still splits the movie up into 4 1GB chunks. I’m trying to get the movie directly ripped into 1 vob. Is there a setting I’m missing here? I’m trying to avoid ripping the DVD, then having to join the 4 vob files into 1 vob file.

What doesn’t work? Vob Passthrough will create a single VOB file unless you have it set to split. If the output file would be >4GB, your target drive will need to be using the NTFS file system. The VOB Passthrough function is part of the DVD to Mobile option. It is one of the file format options in Generic. You can install it as a device with its own button using Customize UI in Common Settings. See the guide.

Thanks. I was doing the first link, not the “passthrough”. I’m still really new to DVDFab, so I appreciate the responses and the patience while I learn this.

You’re welcome, and welcome. DVDFab is very feature-and option-rich. The Guide will help you sort through some of it as you get started. And there are always fellow users here in the forum.