Rip speeds

I recently downloaded version 4.0 to back up my dvd collection.The first three movies ripped and burned in about 40 min.Now it is taking almost 2hrs to do one movie.I have a dell diminsion with orginal dell dvd burner and a memorex double layer 16x dvd burner,512megs memory.I cannot figure why my rip and burn times are slower.Any suggestions?

Please use laymans terms as I am new to this.TIA

It sounds like windows has changed your read drive from DMA transfer mode (fast) to PIO (slow) due to read errors on one of the discs you copied. Try opening Common Settings in DVDFab and clicking on the “Reset DMA” button, which is on the General tab. On some Dell PCs you have to enable DMA transfer mode in the BIOS setup. If you want to learn more about this and why it happens, use the forum search tool to find a post by my good friend maineman and follow the links in his signature area.