Rip speeds on my 3520 drive

Got a new drive from newegg this week and promptly upgraded the firmware to take advantage of the increased read speeds I had read about. Well, have tried several versions of the firmware and none of them get me any faster than a 5.0x rip on a DVD disc.

Am I doing something wrong? Using a 2.8Gig P4 rig with 1GB Ram, so the PC shouldn’t be a problem.


Hi VdubTX
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With riplock removed
Single layer DVD5 discs can be ripped at upto 16X
Double layer DVD9 can be ripped at upto 7X, Depending on the protection used on the disc, this can be as low as 5X

So my speeds are normal. Guess I had higher expectations, but am happy nonetheless.

Thanks Dee.

Yes the NEC is a rather slow dual-layer DVD video ripper. It rips them at a variable 3-7x speed, so indeed the average is aroiund 5x. I use a separate low cost Aopen DVD-ROM drive for fast ripping up to 6-16x speed on dual layer DVDs and use the NEC for burning. NEC does rip full speed 6-16x with single-layer DVDs though, with the riplock removed firmware.