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quick new to DVD burning question

firstly hello all

i have just bought my first dvd burner a NEC 2500 and having played around a bit with it i decided to flash the firmware to tdb 1.07.
now my question is based around the 2500 rip to HD speed which i believe is locked to 5x when stock firmware is used? does tdb 1.07 firmware change this and if so where would i see the rip speed?
i am currently using dvd decrypter/dvd shrink and nero and so far have had good result with verbatim 4x +R but it does seem to take a while to rip to HD and the only place i can seem to find in decrypter that remotely looks like a rip speed reports back with : READ RATE : 4,334 KB/s 3.1x so is this the same thing as rip speed because if it is then i am not even getting the 5x that i thought i’d get :confused:

i think i have the wrong idea about this but being new to this i feel i’m allowed to be stupid for the first few posts :stuck_out_tongue:

2500 is set as secondary master with a HD slave and the HD i rip to is on raid

thanks for any advice and if this has been a dumb question feel free to throw heavy objects at me.


only just realised as well how long i’ve been signed up as a member and not 1 post made b4 this one…another one of those great sites that gets lost after a heavy night :eek:


Ripspeed with DVD video discs is locked to 2X with the official firmwares.
TDB and Herries’ firmwares (riplock patched) should allow you to rip at approximately 4X.
Run a DVDSpeed transfer rate test to check your read speeds.
Or try ripping a DVDR disc and timing it for yourself using the windows clock.
Completion time will = time files created under file properties.


cheers sorted now and ripping @4x


For best ripping speeds you should buy a LITEON JLMS XJ-HD166S or similar standard dvd-rom drive. There is firmware to unlock it’s ripping speed also.
Here is the link from TDB to unlock the rip speed.
I bought mine from for about 35 US dollars. Looks like they have a new model called SOHD-167T now but I don’t think there is a rip-speed hack for it yet since it is such a new drive.
Looks like the black model 166S is out of stock now.
Here is the link to for the beige 166S model.
My rips using this drive start at about 5400KB/s and approach 10,000KB/s when ripping and encoding a dual layer disc using dvdshrink on a pentium4 2.2ghz and 1gb ram, ripping to 2 120gb wd special edition hard drives setup in a striped raid array and windows xp ntfs. This equates to about 4x-7.5x speeds. I haven’t ripped many single layer discs because most of my movies are dual layer, but you should get even faster speeds when ripping single layer discs (up to about 14x I believe with the hacked firmware). 35 bucks or so is not much to spend for faster ripping speeds plus it means less wear on your burner.


cheers for the advice and as such i think i will be looking to obtain one of those LiteOn’s very soon.
The rip speed has improved since flashing with tdb firmware and just finished backing up one of my daughters noddy dvds which ripped @ 9x using my nec2500? is this because it’s a single layer dvd?
either way it works a treat

once again thanks for the advice


Yep, single layer pressed DVD-ROM discs will rip much faster than Dual Layer DVD-ROM or DVDR recordable discs.