Rip speed

I have a pioneer 109 and have flashed the firmware with AO9. but the maximum rip speed i can get in dvd decrypter never gets above 1.2X. Its on the 2nd IDE as master and UMDA4.

Any help is much appreciated.

Otherwise Known as Rip Lock - This Feature slows rip speed dramatically but can be removed by flashing to a hacked firmware. Anyways your best off looking here.

If you flashed to A09 you have removed the riplock. Check your drive with the Pioneer Quiet drive utility to confirm that you have done so.

Your problem is elsewhere and certainly sounds like a DMA problem or that you have a 40 wire cable. But you say your system is reporting UDMA4. Something else is slowing you down. I would start by switching cables and IDE ports. Are you using MS IDE drivers? Others cause problems.