Rip speed slowed after drive change?

I recently had problems with my dell supplied sony dw-56 dvd drive and it was replace with a rehabilitated nec-6650a. Ever since then the average time for a dvd to rip down to my hard drive has incressed to almost 90 min. before it was closer to 30 min. does anyone have any advice? I also have noticed that during the process my system performs rather slowly. I am curently using DVDfab decrypter i have tested older versions of dvdfab but have had the same issue.

Hi deltablack and welcome to cdfreaks.

First off, I’d check your DMA settings…both on your burner(s) and hdd.
Quick and easy, just click on How to check DMA at the bottom of my post.
For more in-depth info:

DMA reverts to PIO
IDE/ATA Controllers

Hope this helps.

Here is a link with a lot of information.