Rip Speed of Sony DW-U18A

having problems with this… the average rip speed for a dvd movie or just a data disc is average 6x. was advertised 12x, but it maxes at 8x and has a burst rate of 10MB/sec (using Nero CD-DVd speed). the firmware that came with it is the UYS1 though i havent tried 8x burning on DVD-Rs yet. has anyone heard about rip limitations with this drive or the LiteON SOHW-812S (they are the same apparently)? or any way to unlock the rip speed? incidientally my CDRW-DVDrom drive used to rip at about 8x which i would’ve used instead but since a firmware upgrade it seems to be locked at 1.7x!!! for ripping dvds. this was supposed to be official firmware too?

any help would be appreciated.

am using Win XP Home with P4 2.4Ghz processor and DW-U18A in external USB.20 case (am on a laptop). 512MB ram. using RecordNow Max 4.5 by Stomp, works wonderfully. (Nero has “SCSI command aborted” errors for DVD-Rs, UGH)


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