Rip Speed dropped

Hi all, I have a friend who I got into DVD burning. I’ve been able to help him with everything up to now and have a wide and deep IT knowledge (work in the field) with regard to hardware and database stuff, but even I am still learning from you guys in the DVD field.

I’m not able to help him with this issue: He has an NEC DV-5700A 3.07 reader as a slave on second chain, NEC ND-2500A as the burner as master of the second chain. No issues, no conflicts in device manager. The strange thing is that he used to be able to rip at 5000-6000 kbps, then suddenly, with nothing really changed, his ripping speed off either drive is now 600k-1000kps. I thought it could be a dirty disc but he’s tried multiple discs. Given that it used to work fine, happens with both drives and different discs it’s an odd case. It plays DVD’s fine, just rips at a horrible speed, almost like a rip-lock. He’s using stock firmwares for both drives.

Any insights?

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Is DMA transfer mode enabled on his IDE contoller?
Has he updated IDE drivers to non Microsoft ones, Some Via and nVidia drivers have known issues.

DVD5 dvd’s rip at twice the speed of DVD9, has he started ripping DVD9?
You could try unplugging the drives in turn and see if the rip speed improves, if one of the drives have an issue it can change the transfer mode to PIO thus pulling both drives down in performance.

There’s a known issue with XP : uninstall the ATA/ATAPI IDE controler and reboot.
The ripping speed will be back to normal.

XP downgrade the IDE interface when a read error occure, sometimes a simple reboot is not enough…

Dee - Most of what he’s ripping is DVD9. Based on what ItalianJob says I’ll try that, drop the controller and let windows pick it back up, then check the settings and ensure they’re both on DMA If Avail. Hopefully that fixes it right up. I’ll post back the results.

Thanks guys!

Odd - He’s only up to 2500k.

Has he used Neo to burn anything, my nec was ripping at high speed then I figured out as soon as I burned with nero it dropped ripping speed alot. The only fix was to reflash the firmware and just use DVD Decrypter for burning.

Smart Man! :wink: