Rip, slip, brush, aaaahhhh



Come on, you know the advert!




Eh? :confused:


The new oral-b advert? For those little portable things to clean your teeth anywhere?


Never seen the ad, but looks semi-useful. Wouldn’t wanna be seen using it, though :stuck_out_tongue: You’d look like a tool


Yeah, I can’t wait to see someone useing them in the street, that would be a laugh!


we have had those over here for a while…and I have yet to see someone in public using one…


Dito. :bigsmile:


It’s another example of retarded marketing for a product we never needed… :frowning:


Looks like they wasted a fair bit of money hiring the dancers on the advert. Who buys this stuff?


Wouldn’t know. Nobody’s seen it :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t, but I have an electric toothpick and an electric floss device. :iagree: :o


What’s the benefit of an electric toothpick?


Ha! :stuck_out_tongue: That cracks me up. I’m waiting for the robotic hand that comes out from behind tiolet and wipes your (well - not you in particular) a$$. :eek:

I would guess that electric toothpic is for that really tough plague or when you get that sesame seed wedged between teeth that would otherwise require the services of a dental hygentist. :bigsmile:


Buy a japanese toilet Discentropy :wink:


OMG, say it isn’t so. :eek: :o :eek: