Rip parts of a DVD to AVI


I have a DVD of a musical movie and I want to put some of the songs from it on my MP3 video player. So what I am trying to do is just rip certain ‘sections’ of the DVD and convert them to something like MPEG or AVI so i can then download them onto my video MP3 player (not an ipod video - another make which has it’s own conversion software but can convert most common video files).

I would ideally like to do this using freeware software as it is not some thing I am going to do on a regular basis.

Bearing in mind I am a complete noob when it comes to this sort of thing - the only other ripping I have managed is just to back up my DVDs using DVD shrink!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Shrink - Beginning & end windows to cut out everything you dont need and save to hard disk. Use Auto-Gordionknot(free) to process file to avi. There is a lot of instructions for autogordion knot on Hope this helps.

MrBass has some great tutorials:

Including ones for re-authoring in DVD Shrink:

Should be able to do it no sweat.

Thanks for the help. I did have a search through some DVD shrink tutorials and it looked as though I could only cut out specific chapters as opposed to random parts of the movie, but I will have a good look through all of the links mentioned and see if they can help.

Many thanks


Actually, you can do the Re-Author and specify the start and end point of the trim.

First, you open the file in Shrink. Then you click the Re-Author button and from the DVD Browser tab that shows up, select one of the entries under the Main Movie section (sometimes there is only one there) and either drag and drop it to the DVD Structure area to the left or double click on it and it will automatically go there.

Then select that listing in the left area that you just added. Just above it and to the right there is a button on the right side next to the red X button. It has two arrows, one going left and one going right. Click that button. A dialog will pop up letting you precisely set the start and end points of the trim, from anywhere within the movie.

If you need specific screen shots, I can make some for you, or you can go to that tutorial page at and search for / find the text below:

By unchecking all audio except AC3 5.1-ch English we just increased it from 55.7% to 76.5%.

Just below that text on that tutorial page is a specific example of what I’m talking about above.

Alternatively, there is a retail app I like a lot - it’s called Ulead DVD MovieFactory and it has a Multi-Trim mode that is designed to do exactly what you are talking about, only with support for multiple “chunks” in the same project.

That’s the demo above. You can try it also if you would like.

Hope that helps a bit more. Good luck.